Today so much depends on your battery…

Ultralife has extensive history in cell and battery design and development.  As a pioneer and leader in Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery chemistry, we have a proven record of producing and delivering high capacity, reliable cells.  With expected shelf life of over 10 years with extremely low self discharge these products are relied upon in many markets for their performance. 


Battery Design

Our battery pack designs are utilized in some of the world’s most demanding applications, in both rechargeable and non rechargeable battery types.  We produce Ultralife branded and private branded battery packs and chargers for many applications. 

Ultralife is always exploring market segments and applications to develop new partnerships. Our key markets served are Medical, First Responder, Security, Military, Metering, Telemetry, and Industrial.   We have an expertise in high reliability, intrinsically safe, and mission critical applications. 


Charger Design

Ultralife can assist you with custom or off the shelf charger solutions for your battery needs.  We can design simple single position charge systems up to complex multi position charge systems with advanced features.  We specialize in smart chargers that communicate with the battery to assure proper charge conditions, longer overall battery life, and lower cost of system ownership. 

We have expertise in rugged harsh environment charger design, with emphasis on ease of use and multiple power source utilization.


Large Format Energy Storage Batteries

Ultralife is engaged in the development of large scale energy storage battery systems within several programs and partnerships.  We are always seeking new opportunities for developmental systems or demonstration opportunities to expand our product capabilities.  Please contact us today for additional information or technical assistance.