RF Communication Engineering ... at your service.

For the soldier on the ground: mobility combined with reliability

When it comes to the needs of the soldier with “boots on the ground”, we can design communication products and batteries to be lighter in weight, longer in life, and with power and performance beyond the expected! Whether an individual power solution, custom-engineered RF package or system solution, our engineers make it easier to get connected, and stay connected.

For “comms on the move”: adaptability and functionality

The need for flexible communications, independent of terrain, often linked by satellites and boosted by repeater networks, continues to grow.  Seamless integration of local military networks with remote and/or distant command and control demands ever more efficient and dependable real-time communications.

Total solutions capabilities: define, design, develop, deploy

Our engineering services team provides “concept to reality” solutions that can integrate into existing and planned applications and programs, or be a stand alone solution depending upon your requirements.Whether your requirement is for a completely new product idea, a modification to your existing product, or integration into a system or program, Ultralife Communications Systems is ready to be your world class partner.


  • 20-Watt Total Solution Kit

    The A-320 KT provides 20-watt power, performance and functionality beyond the expected!


  • Handheld Vehicle Adapter for A-320 Amplifier

    Brings the combat-proven A-320 amplifier into the vehicle - accepts a wide array of handheld radios


  • Lightweight Portable Amplification System - Universal

    Light, portable SOTM system with universal radio pocket


  • Satellite Radio Combiner

    Transmit and receive at 150 watts per channel simultaneously





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