Systems Integration

The challenge to design, build, test, deliver and support ever increasing and ever challenging operational requirements may be more pronounced than ever before. 

Here at Ultralife Communications Systems, we encourage our experts to think free, to reach beyond the constraints of the present in order to meet the needs of the future. As experts in communication, power distribution and related technologies, we have a long record of being a part of and partner in vehicle communications integration solutions.  

Our systems integration capabilities fall into the following categories, each of which has more detailed information on subsequent web pages:

  1. Vehicle and related mobile integration.  From HMMWV to aerial and maritime platforms, our communications expertise has provided solutions via partnerships and direct support to the end users.  
  2. Soldier solutions. Mobility combined with reliability drives our efforts to support the dismounted soldier with breakthrough Manportable communications packages, batteries that last longer and weigh less.
  3. SATCOM-On-The-Move.  Flexible communications. Independent of terrain. Linked to satellites. Boosted by repeater networks.  From Tampa to Tora Bora, Kansas to Kandahar and anywhere in between, Ultralife can provide the communication integration that helps keep you talking.
  4. Unmanned/space borne communications.  Our capabilities extend to orbiting high above the earth or gliding silently through the air in an unmanned aerial platform. 

Systems Integration


  • 20-Watt Total Solution Kit

    The A-320 KT provides 20-watt power, performance and functionality beyond the expected!


  • Handheld Vehicle Adapter for A-320 Amplifier

    Brings the combat-proven A-320 amplifier into the vehicle - accepts a wide array of handheld radios


  • Lightweight Portable Amplification System - Universal

    Light, portable SOTM system with universal radio pocket


  • Satellite Radio Combiner

    Transmit and receive at 150 watts per channel simultaneously





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