Part Number Product Name Price
A-320V1 20W 30-512 MHz Multiband Pocket Amplifier $6,056.85
A-320KT 20W 30-512 MHz Multiband Pocket Amplifier Kit $6,532.27
A-320 V3 Upgrade Amplifier Upgrade - V1 to V3 $3,750.00
A-320V3-KT 20W 3rd Gen 30-512 MHz Multiband Pocket Amplifier Kit $6,863.12
A-320-A07 A-320 MOLLE Vest Adapter Kit $136.23
A-320DPA A-320 Dual Port Adapter with LNA $1,913.50
A-320V1-H 20W 350-450 MHz Amplifier $4,560.49
LPAS-320-A04 20-108 MHz Whip Antenna (LOS) $330.85
A-320-A01 A-320 Pocket Amplifier Holder $93.70
A-320-A02 Antenna Relocator Kit $121.12
A-320-A03 90-512 MHz Whip Antenna $354.00
A-320-A04 RF Jumper Cable, 24 Inch $37.55
A-320-A05 A-320 XX90 Power Cable, 60 Inch $174.96
AV2012 Foldable high Gain SATCOM Antenna $4,659.31
AV2090-10-U Foldable SATCOM X-Wing Antenna w/Magnetic Mount $5,053.48
AV2125-U Lightweight SATCOM Antenna $3,021.77
RFS-117-U LOS/SATCOM Antenna Switch $692.78
LPAS-320U Lightweight Portable Amplification System $11,186.33
LPAS-320U-A07 Backplane Assembly $3,080.81
A-3575 75W Multiband Amplifier


A-320HVA A-320 Handheld Vehicle Adapter (Amplifier not Included) $4,168.00
A-320V3MKT A-320V3 Master Kit w/DPA, battery and charger $10,206.28
A-M320V3KT A-320V3 Master Kit w/DPA, battery and charger $10,206.28
A-320V1-H-KT 20W 350-450 MHz Amplifier Kit $6,532.27
A-320QM A-320 Quick Mount $376.61
A-350 50 Watt Multiband Amplifier $10,266.31
A-305 50 Watt Multiband Amplifier w/ MBITR Charging Pocket $10,730.65
RMT-8 AC/DC Power Supply $4,158.71
MRC-ARU Audio Recording Unit $1,314.04
MRC-RMT0003 Vehicle Mount (Radio Mounting Tray) $667.89
MRC-UPU0003 Battery Eliminator, AN/PRC-117G, BLK $2,612.00
MRC-UPU0006 Battery Eliminator, AN/PRC-117G, REAR, STD $2,612.00
MRC-UPU0006-01 Battery Eliminator, AN/PRC-117G, BLK w/ Rear Connectors $2,612.00
MRC-UVA Universal Vehicle Adapter $3,574.47
MRC-82A Transceiver Power Supply $2,236.51
MRC-83 External Battery Power Supply $1,530.96
MRC-93 Transceiver Ultimate Power Supply $1,869.61
MRC-34 Single Transceiver Case $6,871.32
SOCOM-X-QP1 SOCOM-X Headset Standard Kit $2,403.89
SPG07018A 2.5mm/3.5mm Audio Accessory $482.83
SPG07005A SOCOM-X 12-inch Audio Interface $432.26
SPG07012A SOCOM-X 18-inch Intercom Cable $391.98
SPG07007A SOCOM-X Non-Custom In-Ear Earpiece $232.75
MRC-67A-0 Amplified Speaker - Black $643.77
MRC-67A-5 Amplified Speaker - Green $643.77
MRC-67A-7 Amplified Speaker - Red $643.77
MRC-67A-23-072 MRC-67A Power Cable - 6' $82.08
MRC-67A-24-072 MRC-67A Audio Cable - 6' $90.58
MRC-165 Amplified Speaker $838.96
MRC-187 Interoperable Power Adapter & Charger $2,359.91
C-613HPW HPW Cable for PRC-152 Handheld Radio $553.24
PCP35-00-01 AC Power Cable for McDowell Research Power Supplies $83.97
PCP65-00-01 DC Power Cable for McDowell Research Power Supplies $121.27


  • 20-Watt Total Solution Kit

    The A-320 KT provides 20-watt power, performance and functionality beyond the expected!


  • Handheld Vehicle Adapter for A-320 Amplifier

    Brings the combat-proven A-320 amplifier into the vehicle - accepts a wide array of handheld radios


  • Lightweight Portable Amplification System - Universal

    Light, portable SOTM system with universal radio pocket


  • Satellite Radio Combiner

    Transmit and receive at 150 watts per channel simultaneously





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